The plugin approach to internationalization - request for contact person

I am sending this message to the mailing list after having failed to find
an appropriate E-mail address in the Web site. 
My apologies to those who are not interested in the subject. 

I would like to be in contact with someone from the GTK+ development group
concerning integration of my proposed plugin mechanism into text widgets
in the GTK+ toolkit. 

My proposal addresses the problem of text layout of non-Latin characters
in languages with complex layout rules, such as Hebrew, Korean or Thai. 

The interface is not finalized, and I need inputs from someone, who is
working on the GTK+ text widgets' implementation, in order to develop the
best interface.

Details about my proposal, along with a sample implementation (which is
NOT suitable for WYSIWIG type text widgets)  can be found in the URL: 

                                             --- Omer
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