Re: gtk_widget_show_all [or "much ado about foreach and forall]

>>>>> "TJ" == Tim Janik <> writes:

 TJ> no not really, _forall() is meant to iterate over widgets that
 TJ> are privately handled by certain containers, and those containers
 TJ> will care about the widget's visibility themselves. the proper
 TJ> fix for the above case is to override the default show_all
 TJ> handler for a tree item and let that call
 TJ> show_all on bin-> child and tree_item->subtree.

So foreach is for iterating over all public contained widgets, while
forall is for iterating over *all* contained widgets (including the
internals)?  There reson for the TRUE/FALSE difference...makes sense

But can we agree then that gtktree should implement a new show_all?
And will it be done?


I'm encased in the lining of a pure pork sausage!!

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