ANNOUNCE: gnotepad+ v1.0.8 released

gnotepad+ v1.0.8 has been released.  highlights since 1.0.7:
	- add new HTML toolbar and menu options to insert commonly
	  used HTML tags 
	- make all toolbar icons slightly smaller 
	- and the usual grab-bag of bug fixes... 
although released, v1.0.7 was never publicly announced, except
on the homepage.  v1.0.7 was basically a bug fix version for use
with gtk+-1.1.12.  no new features or other bug fixes were made
in 1.0.7 since 1.0.6.

gnotepad+ is a small, but feature-full, text editor written using GTK.


Debian 2.x packages can be found in a day or two at:
many thanks to Martin (Joey) Schulze for providing and making the packages.

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