Re: [gtk-list] Re: Err compiling GTK apps

> >>I get the following error on compiling GTK apps:
> >>
> >>checking for GTK - version >= 1.1.8... ***GTK+ header files (version 
> >>1.1.6) do not mactch *** library (version 1.1.13)
> >>
> >>whatz going on ?
> >
> >It sounds as if you have an old version somewhere on your system. Have 
> you 
> >installed any GTK RPM's?
> >
> >Try:
> >
> >gtk-config --version
> >
> >
> --> I installed everything by the sources and gtk-config --version
> returns 1.1.13

If you are running redhat:

I had a similar problem with a redhat install.  It turns out that I still had
the gtk 1.0.x rpm installed on my machine.  It seems that the gtk 1.0.x files
are stored as different filenames or in a different location, so installing
gtk 1.1.x will not overwrite the old files.  I had to uninstall the old rpm
package before any package that used gtk would compile correctly.  Beware
however that any packages that use the gtk 1.0.6 package will no longer work

The funny thing was that gtk-config --version returned 1.1.x...

You can check for the rpm package by: (I think it is "gtk+", not sure :))
rpm --query gtk+

You can remove it by:
rpm --erase gtk+
or rpm --nodeps --erase gtk+

After I had done this, my problems were solved.

Jerry Seutter

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