Re: [gtk-list] Imlib 1.9.0 question

You should probably be sending these requests to Raster himself at  Imlib is his baby.

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Andreas Tille wrote:

> Hello,
> if this is not the right place to ask Imlib question please tell
> me where to ask.  I didn't found any other place.
> 1. Tracing the Imlib 1.9.0 sources I detected a change in loading/saving
>    image files.  Up to 1.8.2 a hhard function was called.  Now there
>    is a pointer to a function which is called to load the image.
>    I suppose that the sense behind it is to geve the user the chance
>    to define its own loading/saving routines to read/write special
>    chunks in PNG or tags in TIFF, etc.
>    But there isn't any documentation how to tell Imlib about the
>    user defined function.  Could someone explain me how it works?
>    It is from great interest for me, because I recently use a modified
>    Imlib loading routine to read special chunks/tags and would like
>    to go a clean way.
> 2. At present time it is not possible to use Imlib without X or
>    GDK initialized.  I would like to have a chance to use the Imlib
>    functionality off line (the way convert of ImageMagick does).
>    That's the second reason why I did my own loading routine.
>    I would like the way that loading/saving and some image
>    manipulation functions could work without initialized display.
>    This could cause only problems with XPMs but this could be easily
>    avoided.
>    The initialisation of the display has to be done before rendering
>    the images as pixmaps of course. 
> 3. Since I used Imlib 1.8.2 I've got SIGSEGVs ofter manipulating the
>    rgb_data of an imlib structure.  For instance I used my own
>    routine to mirror images.  Switching from 1.8.1 to 1.8.2 lead to
>    SIGSEGVs in this routine.  Using Imlibs own routine helped to avoid
>    the SIGSEGVs but I have to do certain image manipulation on the RGB
>    data which can't be done with Imlib functions.
>    Was there any change in the internal Imlib structure???
> Kind regards
>        Andreas.
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