xchat/gtk-related problems (FreeBSD)

Along with the one mentioned earlier ( the glib 1.1.13 problem, by Lyndon 
Drake), I have always had problems with getting xchat to run properly. It would
compile without a hitch, but then coredumped immediately upon
execution.  gdb revealed the problem to be in gtklabel.c,  circa line 926 or so:

// -- gtk 1.1.13: gtklabel.c line 926 -- //

      x = widget->allocation.x + misc->xpad +
   (widget->allocation.width - label->max_width - 2 * misc->xpad)
   * misc->xalign + 0.5;

// -----------------//

I 'fixed' it with the following: 

// --- crappy fix ---- //
float fx;
fx = (float) widget->allocation.width;
fx -= (float) label->max_width;
fx -= (float)(2 * misc->xpad);
fx *= (float)misc->xalign;

fx += (float)widget->allocation.x;
fx += (float)misc->xpad;
fx += 0.5;

x = fx;
// --------------- //

now Xchat runs like a champ. I don't know if any other people were having
similar problems, but I'd like to hear from you if so. I was having the same
problems with the Linux binaries (under freebsd)...  I never really toyed with
floating point assembler so I don't think looking at the code it generates
would do me much good :) Any ideas what this might be? gcc? (kinda awkward that
the linux binary would work for so many people but not me... maybe a processor
issue?  I'm running an intel  p2-300Mhz.

FreeBSD dt05q3n63 3.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 3.0-RELEASE #0: Mon Nov  9 17:27:09 MST
1998     dang@fhm.opcode.org:/usr/src/sys/compile/KERN11.09.98  i386

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