Re: [gtk-list] Re: Any problems with malloc functions?

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Tim Janik <> writes:
> > On 18 Jan 1999, Owen Taylor wrote:
> >
> > >
(stuff deleted)
> >
> > in what way should this be memchunk related (apart from the
> > fact that _init functions should *always* initialize *all* fields
> > correctly)?
> OK, I was just trying to figure out how not initializing
> label_wc could affect anything since I new we normally
> use malloc0, and leaped to the conclusion that it was
> because it was because we were using memchunks in
> this case. I guess the problem is somewhere else.

Unfourtunately, I agree the problem is somewhere else. :( I tried the
patch, but it gives the same results as before.  I still haven't gotten
around to firing up the debugger this afternoon.  How do I get gdb to
attach to testgtk so I can set breakpoints?  gdb barfs on the shell
script.  It's strange that testdnd and simple work normally and testgtk

> (I'd say that initializing all fields is good practice,
>  but there should be no practical consequences one
>  way or the other)
>                                      Owen
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