ANNOUNCE: GTK+ 1.1.13 Released

GTK+ 1.1.13 is now at:                         
The 1.1.x releases of GTK+ are DEVELOPMENT RELEASES.  We are
currently in feature freeze and working toward 1.2.x.  You can 
find a stable version of GTK+ at

A list of incompatible changes with GTK+ 1.0 can be found at  Read this to adapt
your code.

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.13:

* Dnd and selection bug fixes and memory purification.
* Widget sensitivity fixups.
* Tooltips windows are now named "gtk-tooltips" so rc file rules
  can match tooltips windows. Fixed interaction of tooltips and NO_WINDOW
* Spin buttons now update their values upon value retrival.
* Overhaul of the resizing vs. redrawing logic to reduce redrawing needs
  a lot. Gtk makes full use of the draw_area coalescing code now, which
  got minorly improved as well.
* Containers map their Gdk windows after their children now to reduce
  expose event generation.
* Gdk event queue fixups, this solves the double-click problems people were
  recently having.
* Account for the fact that GSource's are only properly reentrant from
  within dispatch(), thus we don't do Gdk event processing from within
  check() or prepare() anymore.
* Rc files feature a bg_pixmap value of "<none>" now.
* Improved session management support in Gdk.  
* Automatic disabling of NLS if no gettext is found should work now.
* Removed deprecated functions, docs/Changes-1.2.txt gives an overview.
* Gtk+ development now requires GNU autoconf 2.13, GNU automake 1.4
  and GNU libtool 1.2d.
* More bug fixes all over the place.

The GTK+ Team

Shawn T. Amundson           

"The assumption that the universe looks the same in every
 direction is clearly not true in reality." - Stephen Hawking

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