guile-gtk-0.13 released.

As usual:

NEWS in 0.13

* The *.defs.guile files are gone.  Their contents has been merged
  into the corresponding *.defs files.  The program build-guile-gtk
  will no longer look for these *.defs.guile files.

* The *.defs files are now installed in <pfix>/share/guile-gtk.
  The old location <pfix>/gtk/ is cleared during "make install".

* The file event-repl.scm has been moved into the gtk module and is
  now accessible as (gtk event-repl).  The old installed file is
  deleted during "make install".

* New type `point'.  A point in Scheme is just a pair of numbers.  It
  is translated into a GdkPoint struct.

* New type `type'.  A type in Scheme is either a special value that
  has been retrieved from Gtk (like #<GtkType GtkWidget>), or a symbol
  that is the name of a known type.  You can use types for
  gtk-object-new, etc.

* First steps towards exporting the Gtk+ object system to Scheme.  Not
  useable yet, because Gtk+ needs to be patched first.

* The deprectated _interp functions of gtk-1.1 are no longer used.

* build-guile-gtk has a new option `liblibs' that spits out the
  libraries needed to build a new shared library.  See the
  examples/ and for an application.

* test-gtk.scm has been much improved thanks to Matthias Clasen.

* More work on composites.  They are beginning to be useful, but I'm
  not going to tell you how to use them just yet.

* Bug fixes and updates.

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