gtk+ 1.1.12 will not make ??

I have downloaded the tarball,and tried to
build the latest version.
run configure,all works as it should.
all the Makefiles are being built.
However,on issuing make,get error no targets to make.
I have also tried to get other builds to compile and
these work.for instance 1.0.6 builds fine.
Did upgrade glib to correct version before trying to build
1.1.12,and have also tried downloading the tarball again from
other ftp sites.
Same problem occurs as before.
running SuSE 5.3,all required libs are being seen,and i can compile
all other stuff,no probs.
Have automake,autoconf,and libtool installed also,but i only mention
as i know some source is iffy about the right versions of these.
But no mention in the docs for 1.1.12 about this stuff.
Any ideas...?

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