Re: DnD

Robert Roebling <> writes:

>   Hi,
> do I understand right, that there is no way
> (using the new DnD code) that an application
> would request DnD in a specific format not
> defined as a standard target? The old DnD
> code let you define "image/png" as a possible
> target, the new one only seems to have 
> "pixmap" and "user". OK, maybe PNG wouldn´t
> be really useful, but RTF certainly would.

I'm not sure I understand.

The new DND code simply uses strings (X atoms in particular)
to convey target types.

The standard we use for the format of those strings
is MIME types.

So, "image/png" is very much a good type to use.
so would by "application/x-my-cool-spreadsheat-document"


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