Any problems with malloc functions?

I just compiled (actually several times) glib/gtk+ 1.11, they compile
file but the testgtk program hangs without ever displaying anything. 
Here's bt:

(gdb) bt
#0  0xc009d070 in malloc ()
#1  0xc1fb0fe8 in g_malloc (size=10) at gmem.c:170
#2  0xc1fbd8b4 in g_strdup (str=0x7afb952c "GtkButton") at
#3  0xc2161a60 in gtk_type_unique (parent_type=40213,
    at gtktypeutils.c:248
#4  0xc202f734 in gtk_button_get_type () at gtkbutton.c:115
#5  0xc202ff58 in gtk_button_new () at gtkbutton.c:287
#6  0xc2030054 in gtk_button_new_with_label (label=0xb7b0 "button box")
    at gtkbutton.c:296
#7  0x25c60 in create_main_window () at testgtk.c:8452
#8  0x25fd4 in main (argc=1, argv=0x7b03ab84) at testgtk.c:8505

It appears that malloc never returns.  It does seem to chew up CPU
though.  I am running on an HP 735 running HPUX 10.20.  Are there known
problems on this platform?  Or are the HP memory functions horribly
broken?  Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am really pulling
my hair out on this one.  The previous versions of glib/gtk work

Sorry if this issue is old, I can't find messages on the web archive
from this year.


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