Re: [gtk-list] GtkItemFactoryEntry: no field for callback data?

Andy Kahn wrote:
> just wondering where there is no provision for specifying callback
> data as part of GtkItemFactoryEntry... i think it would be good to
> have, since not all menu items may have identical callback data.
> without it, i'm finding flexibility somewhat limited.
> --andy
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It appears you can specify the callback data. You would just have
to have a create_item or create_items call for each different callback
data value.

I am not that familiar with the C interface since I use gtk--. But,
I have been using the item factory for quite some time now. I
am using it for my main menu and for context pop-up menus. I make
a separate create_item call for each entry.

It may not be as easy to type in, but it is sufficiently flexible.

Todd & Lisa Dukes

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