set_sensitive behavior,...


as I said, in an earlier message, I'm writing a MySQL interface. I have
to manage the relations (link) between different tables. I used a
notebook to divide the different Cist that are reflecting the true

So, my program should act like this : if a select a row in the main
list, the others should get the correct informations from mysql,
depending on the ID of the main row selected. And when I unselect this
row, the program should clear the other lists.

One of the under-list is packed inside a page of a notebook, because I
have all sort of widget there to set the values for this list.

As I don't know how to de-activate the click event on a tab of a
notebook, I did set sensitive to FALSE for the widget (actually a vbox)
that contains the whole page of the under-list.

When you set sensitive to a vbox, every subwidget are also
unsensitive. Then it's seems ok, but

and the problem is there : When a want to set the sensitive of all the
widgets in the page, I do gtk_widget_set_sensitive(...,TRUE), and then
all of the widgets are ok, all except one :
the titles of the list.

Is this a normal behavior of Gtk+, or a bug ? If it is normal,  what can
I do to get the  titles  right ?

Thank you


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