Bug in GLib 1.1.12

Portability, at least.

On AIX 3.2.5, /usr/include/sys/poll.h has the following #defines:
struct  pollfd
  long    fd;                     /* file descriptor or file ptr */
  ushort  reqevents;              /* requested events */
  ushort  rtnevents;              /* returned events */
#define events  reqevents         /* SVR3,4 pollfd member name */
#define revents rtnevents         /* SVR3,4 pollfd member name */

probably for backward compatibility.  GLib then errors out in compiling
of gmain.c when it attempts to use the GPollFD struct which contains
members events and revents.

Several fixes exist, including sys/poll.h in glib.h, or renaming the
entries, or something.

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