Re: [gtk-list] Newbie GTK developer. Is GTK 1.1.12 compatible with GTK 1.0 wrote:

> Hi, I am interested in learning about GTK. From my limited knowledge
> of GTK apps, I see most of them coded against GTK >= 1.1.6. I am on a
> Redhat Linux 5.2 box which has gtk+-1.0.6-3 and gtk+-devel-1.0.6-3
> If I download and install gtk 1.1.12, is it going to break existing
> apps. What is the best way to develop apps using GTK >= 1.1.6 and yet
> be able to use existing GTK apps on a RH 5.2 box
> Thanks, Yusuf

My suggestion is : get the 1.1.12, and then run, first in glib,

./configure --prefix=/opt/gtk+-1.1.12
make ; make install

Then either configure your LD_LIBRARY_PATH =/opt/gtk+-1.1.12/lib either add
this path to your /etc/

Then in the gtk+ directory run :

export PATH=/opt/gtk+-1.1.12/bin:$PATH
./configure --prefix=/opt/gtk+-1.1.12 --with-glib-prefix=/opt/gtk+-1.1.12
make ; make install

Normally everything should be alllright, (at least I does on my box, a
RH 5.2, I've got six different versions of GTK installed, because some
pre-compiled gnome application need different versions, and I'm coding with
the 1.1.11)

I don't know if it is the best way to do it, but it works !

Bye, and happy gtk-ing !


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