Re: [ANNOUNCE] GtkEditor version 0.0.6

>>>>> "M" == Mikael Hermansson <> writes:

 >>  It needs a few changes to the text widget. Mostly to be able to
 >> do the highlighting. I could do that without the changes I think,
 >> but I have also other plans for this...To get the changes you must
 >> patch with gtktext.patch.

 M> Question to the main Gtk developers:

 M> Why is this patch yet not implemented in the GtkText widget?  So
 M> we dont need to patch GtkText everytime Gtk is updated?

This was discussed on gtk-devel-list back in August I think....

First, the patch is a quick and dirty implementation to add user data
to parts of the text.  Back when this was discussed, a lot of better
ideas were presented, so what we want is a re-implementation of the
same functionality rather than simply applying the patch.

Secondly, doing this was droped since the text widget would be
re-written after the release of 1.2.  Is this still the case?

I would like to look into it, if there is any change a new patch will
be applied, but won't waste time on it otherwise.


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