Re: Tooltips color setting

Brian Brunswick <> writes:

> In <URL:news:local.gtk> on Thu 07 Jan, Dave Cole wrote:
> > 
> > > # tooltips seem to use a plain DrawWindow??
> > > widget_class "*GtkDrawWindow*" style "tooltip"
> > 
> > That one doesn't work here.  I am using gtk+-1.1.12.  Looking at the
> > tooltip source, it uses a plain GtkWindow for displaying the tip.
> > 
> > It would be nice if this worked:
> > 
> > widget_class "GtkTooltip.GtkWindow" style "tooltip"
> > 
> Yup, just noticed that its stopped working here with 1.1.12.
> Hmm... its no longer a draw window or something.
> Anyway, doing something like the following patch is more the kind of thing.
Setting a name is in fact probably the right way to handle it. 
As long as GtkTooltips is not a widget, 

 widget_class "GtkTooltip.GtkWindow"

is not going to work. I've applied something like your
patch, but with the name "gtk-tooltips" instead of 
"tooltips" to avoid namespace pollutions with names
the application might set on its windows.

> This seems like something the styles people would havbe tackled.
> Is there any kind of standard for case, spacing etc for the names used
> by rc files?

As of right now there is no standard, since it has never
come up before. So we are free to use whatever we
> Anyway, where does one send patches like this?

Normally, one uploads them to /pub/incoming/ on - the
README file for that directory has instructions - and mails Discussion of patches belongs


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