Re: [gtk-list] Missing aclocal/ m4 macros.

Gabe Foster wrote:
> I'm trying to get the cvs version of gtk+ to compile, but it won't get
> the the aclocal step in because the following m4 macros
> cannot be found in /usr/local/share/*/*  (I've greped for them.)  I have
> automake 1.3 and gettext 0.10 installed.
> The macros I am missing:
> Can someone tell me where these are defined?
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You need gettext-0.10.35.  You can grab an rpm for it from RedHat's
rawhide ftp site.  I don't know where you'ld get the tar ball from if
you want that,  as the rpm doesn't say, and I wasn't successful at
finding it myself.

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