Re: [gtk-list] Window scrolling

On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, Jan Kellmer wrote:
> I'm porting an application from Window to Linux using GTK. In Window
> there's a function called
> ScrollWindow (hwnd, xamount, yamount, lpRect, lpCliprect)
> SDK-Help says:
> The ScrollWindow functions scrolls the content of the specified
> window'client area.
> Is there something similar in GDK/GTK?

Things just work differently, so there's no exact equivalent, no. Probably
the program will have to be restructured a little.

You'll probably want to use a scrollbar or GtkScrolledWindow, then you can
set the values of the GtkAdjustment it contains. Or if you don't want
scrollbars, look at the internals of GtkScrolledWindow and copy them.


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