Re: [gtk-list] Re: Announce: GtkImreg-0.0.6

> Sorry, I haven't followed your discussion, so I don't know what's the
> purpose of GtkImreg, but the development version of Gimp does allow you to
> choose the crop coordinates and selection sizes numerically. 
> Hmm, I'll have to dig through my gtk+ list archive at home to see what
> GtkImreg is all about. Probably it will however be useful for The Gimp.
Sorry for my late answer, but I left the net some time.  I didn't tried
the development version of The Gimp and it would be nice if the selection
would be more comfortable.  In fact I'm not very familiar with the
stable version.  My intention was to support I method which I considered
to be comfortable for my own program
for common use.  The decision if it is useful for the Gimp or for other
purpose is not in my hand but I would be happy if I could support something
to the community which helped me very much.

Kind regards


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