RE: [gtk-list] troubles with imlib, gtk+ and gtk-engines from cv

On 06-Jan-99 Jaime Alberto Silva Colorado wrote:
> I'm trying to add themes support in gtk but it's only avaible via
> cvs.
> I know that this distributions have faliures but in my case i'm
> 99.999% sure that this is an automake configuration problem. Do
> anybody has this
> problem before ?
> I'm sending the gtk and imlib output. Hope somebody could help me.

(catching up)

check that you don't have half the m4 files in
/usr/local/share/aclocal and half in /usr/share/aclocal. If so, merge
the two directories and put a link in.

check you have automake 1.3b (the 'b' is important)


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