Re: [gtk-list] troubles with imlib, gtk+ and gtk-engines from cvs

Jaime Alberto Silva Colorado wrote:
> I'm trying to add themes support in gtk but it's only avaible via cvs.

The current beta release (GTK+ 1.1.12, Glib 1.1.12, Imlib 1.8.2, etc.)
includes themes support. I suggest you try this, as it is very stable,
and compiled first time for me.

If you are going to use the CVS versions, then aclocal may be looking in
the wrong places for it's m4 configuration files. Try amending the scripts where it runs aclocal:

  aclocal -I /path/to/share/aclocal

Where '/path/to' is the place you are installing each package to.
There is some quite good documentation on compiling GTK and Gnome from CVS

Hope this helps,

"I will not fake my way through life."

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