Possible function (or macro) addition?

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 From: Jason Evans <jasone@canonware.com>
 Subject: Possible function (or macro) addition?

 Hi, I'm using glib as part of a project I'm working on, and was starting
 to use the g_ptr_array* functions when I ran into a problem.  There
 doesn't seem to be a way of finding out the array size, other than looking
 inside the GPtrArray structure at the len field.  As near as I can tell
 from glib's design, the intention is to have structures regarded as
 opaque.  Does it make sense to add a function or macro, such as:
 #define g_ptr_array_get_size(array) (array)->len
 or should I just look inside the GPtrArray structure?
 The same question probably applies to a number of the other data
 structures in glib.
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