Re: [gtk-list] Re: Problems installing GTK+ 1.1.8 wrote:
> Hi, but i did what you told me but doesnt work and
> the installation program gives me the following
> error>"Could not Run Glib Test program, checking
> why.......It could be a bad link or bad
> compilation.

If you've already executed 'make clean' in your Glib-directory,
the glib-test program is removed... You'll have to compile
the glib test-program again

> i modified and i add the glib path.

you must enter a library path in, or am I
wrong? The library path is usually /usr/local/lib.. try to
locate your glib libraries, and put the directory where
locate found them in, then run ldconfig -v

> i ve installed GTK and Glib in /glib-1.1.8 and
> /GTK+-1.1.8, may be here is the problem. Whre do u
> recommend me to install it ?

I always install library sources in the directory /usr/src, the
linux kernel sources are also there...


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