[gtk-list] Re: gdk-imlib example will not run

Owen Taylor writes:
 > Unfortunately it doesn't actually use GTK+ to create
 > its windows. (I need to beat Raster over the head
 > a bit and make him fix this.)

The gdk_imlib as distributed with my port to Windows uses GDK only. If
there is interest, I could make sure that it is still back-portable to
X11+Unix, and submit a patch, or even eventually commit the change, if
people approve. (I did try it on X11+Unix some months ago, and it
worked OK.)

(I had to add one simple function to GDK for gdk_imlib:s sake. I can't
remember what it is right now, and haven't the time to look for it
right now (have to go to work in a couple of minutes), but it was


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