Re: I have translated gtk into portuguese and...

Eduardo Marcel Macan <> writes:

> 	I downloaded glib gtk and the gimp, and saw those pot files... 
> 	They made me itch then I created the br.po files, but don't know
> whom should I send them to. GTK is completed, but the gimp will
> still require some effort (there are lots of mesgs in there).
> 	I have translated them into Brazilian portuguese, but the
> Portuguese guys guys out there can adapt it with little effort.

Probably the best thing to do is to upload them to
the pub/incoming/ directory on There's 
a README in that directory that describes the
procedure you should follow.

However, there already are pt.po files distributed
with GTK+... I don't know the degree of divergence
for Portuguese between Portugual and Brazil, but if
separate po files are needed, shouldn't the 
Brazilian one be pt_BR.po?


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