Re: [gtk-list] Re: C++ interface to glib???? (might do one)

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Lars Hallberg wrote:
> Is the docs on glib in the web up to date? I saw nothing of error handling.

The one that lives on is pretty up to date (one of the two
linked from 

> Is a failed malloc a fattal error that aborts, call a signal or throw
> an exeption (depending on the underlying libs). In that case i can ignore
> the problem to (the classes will of cource be exception safe).

Failed malloc aborts the program (this is part of g_malloc()).

> If the functions may return null pointers on errors I will have to
> handel that... Guess most answres are in the source....

GDate has some possible errors; I've already wrapped it fairly nicely but
I did not use exceptions, the C++ class requires you to check that the
date is .valid() just like the C interface.

Feel free to borrow my G_Date class...


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