Re: [gtk-list] C++ interface to glib???? (might do one)

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Lars Hallberg wrote:
> Is there a C++ interface to glib?
> If so, point me to it.
> If not... tell me and I might start working on one.

There are wrappers for the G[S]List in Gtk--, and a wrapper for GDate in
gtk--plot (Gnome CVS).

However, to suggest why it hasn't been done already, the primary purposes
of glib are something like:
- portability
- compensating from C's limited standard library

C++ is already not portable if you use any features, and the STL covers
most of glib's functionality (with exceptions, such as GDate). In general
the STL will be faster and safer than the glib data structures (certainly
faster than a glib wrapper).

Perhaps a partial wrapper, wrapping only those things that make sense to
use from C++, would be better.


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