Re: [gtk-list] GtkCalendar in a combo box...

>  I'd like to have the same widget as you have in the GnomeCalendar : a
>  calender inside a combo box. When you click on the arrow, you have the
>  calendar that appears, you select the date, and then it is in the entry
>  upside.

It is not a combo box, it is just a normal button next to an entry.

>  Is it possible to do it in pure Gtk (I'm not yet acquainted with the
>  gnome API), or is a Gnome function ?
>  Is there a link where I could have some docs ?

The widget used in Gnomecal is the GnomeDateEdit widget, which lets
you enter a date or a date/time combination.  You can use this widget
or look at the source to see how it is done.


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