Possible GtkCList bug


I've got a simple window which contains a CList inside a ScrolledWindow.

When I create the window I populate the list, select a row and call
gtk_clist_moveto() to make sure that the selected row is visible in the

If I don't call gtk_widget_show() for the window before calling
gtk_clist_moveto() then the scrolled window and clist get confused. The
vertical scroll bar is positioned at it's last position (i.e. right at
the end) and the clist still displays the first item at the top.

If I show the window before doing any of this stuff then everything
works just fine.

Anyone know if this is a bug or if I'm just being stupid?

Cheers, Matt.

Matt Goodall             |  Isotek Electronics Ltd
email: mgg@isotek.co.uk  |  Claro House, Servia Road
Tel: +44 113 2343202     |  Leeds, LS7 1NL
Fax: +44 113 2342918     |  England

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