ANNOUNCE: VDK 0.6.6 and VDKBuilder 0.1.6 release

VDK 0.6.6 and VDKBuilder 0.1.6 are released and downloadable at:

VDK 0.6.6 is downloadable at:

VDKBuilder 0.1.6 is downloadable at:

VDK 0.6.6 news
This is a bug fix releases

* upgraded to gtk+ 1.2.4

VDKBuilder 0.1.6 news
This is a bug-fix release

* upgraded to gtk+ 1.2.4

* requires vdk-0.6.6

* upgraded to gcc 2.95.1

* Enabled menu item "View => View Forms" and "View Forms" icon.
        It opens a form that lists all project forms
        and allow to edit them.
        Useful when the screen is crowded.

* Now vdkbuilder denies to run more
        than one instance per user.
        At start vdkbuilder looks for a lock file:
        (Uses a mozilla-like alghoritm)
Mario Motta, AI Research Group - Rimini;

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