RE: [gtk-list] [Q]: EventBox and key_press_event


I had an equal kind of problem: I had to let a drawingarea catch key events when a window had focus. I use gtk_widget_grab_focus (widget) after the widget is shown to let that widget get the events (there are also scrollbars in my window which work fine!).

Hope this will do the job.



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> Subject: [gtk-list] [Q]: EventBox and key_press_event
> How do one get the EventBox to register key_press_events?
> I tried the EventBox example in the GTK+ tutorial, and it 
> worked. There
> the Eventbox registers button_press_event. I changed the code so that
> the it should register key_press_event instead of button_press_event,
> but this doesn't work. The callback is not called when I press a key.
> Is it possible to get this to work? How? The reason I'm asking is that
> I have a widget that needs to registers keys like PG_down and Up so
> that I can get it to scroll.
> Any help much appreciated.

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