Re: [gtk-list] Is gtk_widget_destroy recursive?

On Mon, Aug 16, 1999 at 07:20:47PM -0400, John C Atkeson wrote:
>   This is probably related to the last question about unref'ing...
>   Does gtk_widget_destroy just free the memory of one widget, or does it
> recursively free the children and grandchildren of that widget too?  
>   (If it doesn't, what does?  I'd like to create and destroy container
> groups interactively.)
>   John  


I asked this one earlier, and I got my answer, so here's yours.  Yes, it is
recursive.  When you smack one widget with gtk_widget_destroy everything else
under it dies and gets freed too.  destroy one widget, forget about the 

David Allen
"But what we need to know is, do people want nasally-insertable 

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