Re: Questions about event percolation

Ramiro Estrugo <> writes:

> Im not concerned about memory consumption or signal processing overhead.
> What im concerned about is excessive traffic between the client and the
> server.
> What exactly are the side effects of:
> gtk_widget_add_events(button,GDK_POINTER_MOTION_MASK);
> where button is a child of the container in question ?

Ah, I see. You are worried about the event propagation
that X does, not just GTK+'s event propagation. 



so that the events you receive have the right window field
should be harmless. The extra messages won't confuse the button
> Does that generate the same amount of traffic as opposed to not
> selecting motion events ?  More ?

It doesn't generate any more traffic - the X server will
send a single event in either case. There will be a few
more GTK+ signals being emitted (to be precise, two more),
but the effect should be completely unnoticeable.


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