Drawing Arc problem


Could anyone help me with the "gdk.drawable.draw_arc" function ?
I've got some problems with the angle1 and angle2 params. I tought
they were suposed to be in 64th of degree, as in Xlib, but it does
not seem to be the case.

Empirical tests show that i can get a full circle by giving value
of 0 and 64 for angle1 and angle2. I've looked for near values, such
as 2*PI*10, but it does not give a full circle.

i'm using some code similar to 
gdk.drawable.draw_arc (window, gc,
                       x1-radius, y1-radius,
                       x1+radius, y1+radius,
                       0, 64);

What i'm doing wrong ? 

I'm using the window conversion if GTK-Ada
(waiting for the linux box to come :) )

Thanks for all,

Guillaume PATRY
Patry Guillaume                       LISI /ENSMA
Doctoral Student                      Site du Futuroscope, BP 109
tel:                  Futuroscope Cedex 9 France

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