Re: [gtkmm] anyone seen a gtk-- bug?


On Sun, Sep 27, 1998 at 04:11:55AM +0300, Tero Pulkkinen wrote:
> Looks like with egcs1.1 gtk-- compilation fails with inline
> connect_to_function method gets defined in each object and linking
> the library fails... (changing connect_to_function to static inline
> patches half of the problem, but... not all -- it still gives same
> kind of errors from std library.)

I had the same problem, but finally, I won :-)

You may be manually installed glibconfig.h to /usr/local/include/ or
such?  Remove it.  If your glib is properly configured, it is
installed in $prefix/lib/glib/include/ and must have lines like as

  #define G_HAVE___INLINE 1
  #define G_HAVE___INLINE__ 1
  #define G_HAVE_INLINE 1

Tomoaki Hayasaka <>

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