Help with dialogs in perl Gtk

  1.  If I need to RTFM, tell me which FM to read.  I checked through the FAQ,
      through the tutorial and browsed the function index and did not see
      anything immediately obvious.  

  2. If this is the wrong list I will shutup if somebody can point me in a better

Having finished that, my problem is quite simple.  I am trying to create a
dialog box such that the program waits until the user has answered said dialog

I read the FAQ and discovered how to go modal using gtk_grab_add, which works
to a point - the user is forced to respond to the dialog box before he/she can
do anything more.  However, it seems the program is under no such constraint.

I have tried adding some elemental semaphores but either my theory days are
far enough gone I can no longer implement semaphores correctly or I have
radically misunderstood ( the latter being the most likely ).  Basically, I
call $dialog->show and then wait for the semaphores.  The dialog box is never
drawn and I wait forever.

I have also messed with gtk_timeout_add, but from my experiments and from the
test programs it doesn't seem to be the correct tool for the job.

What have I missed?

Oh, yeah.  I am using gtk v1.0.5 and Gtk v0.3.

Thanks for the help,
Mik Firestone
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