Re: [WM] gtk+ with NEXT look and feel

At 10:29 AM 9/4/98 +0200, Ullrich Hafner wrote:
>during development of wmakerconf I replaced the plain GTK+ look and
>feel of some widgets with a NEXT style look and feel. These widgets
>are now separately available at
>If you copy these modified widgets over the old GTK+1.0.x files, all
>of your GTK+ apps (gimp!) will share this NEXT style look and feel.
>Have a lot of fun,

Ullrich -- I think you have really done a nice job with the gtk widgets.  

I noticed (on your web page) that you say it will NOT work with gtk+-1.1.x.
 I have not looked at your code yet but I intend to.  Is there something
basic about the widgets not working or is it "simply" a matter of
"refitting" the changes you made to gtk+-1.0.x onto the gtk+1.1.x base?.

I am not sure about the "themes" approach and your widgets may be a
(better?) base for using gtk+ but having a 'step look to things.


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