Re: [gtk-list] Re: GTK for windows

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > The thing is that I use linux only at home, so I would like, at work, to be
> > able to run GNOME applications, as well as to compile and run any
> > application I may do for GNOME myself, without having a version for Windows
> > and another one for linux.
> I like this idea personally.  That way we could run Gnumeric and gwp
> on Windows as well.  Windows users would not be forced to run a
> proprietary application.
> Miguel.
I have heard about a gtk32 version being developed by some guy. This was
a few months ago on slashdot, and his homepage showed some gtk apps
under Windows. Now
a) does anyone remember that page (URL)
b) how far has this project come?
Cyrille Artho

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