Re: Color in GtkText

I had a similar problem that I posted to GTK-list a while back, and 
no-one really gave me a satisfactory response other than "you should use 
themes to do this."  Well, no, I want it to be a static property of 
the app so themes aren't an option.  What I wanted to do is set 
the color of the text and background of a gtk_entry by doing (I thought):

    time = gtk_entry_new ();
    style = gtk_style_new ();
    style->font = gdk_font_load 
    style->text[GTK_STATE_NORMAL].red = 0;
    style->text[GTK_STATE_NORMAL].green = 1;
    style->text[GTK_STATE_NORMAL].blue = 0;
    style->bg[GTK_STATE_NORMAL] = style->black;
    gtk_widget_set_style (time, style);

You see, I want my time display to have alien green digits (this is for a 
CD Player) on a black background...but this doesn't work!  I DO NOT want 
this to vary with the themes, so theming to this isn't an option.  I want 
to know how to do this (and, generallly, set the attributs of any widget 
like this) PROGRAMMATICALLY.  Any ideas?


On Tue, 24 Nov 1998, Gert Scholten wrote:

> Hi,
> I've got a problem and I /really/ can't find it ...
> I've created a kinda parser to parse escape codes in a GtkText. Until recently
> I didn't know how styles worked, so I was stuck with the standard (white)
> GtkText BG. When I figured out I only had to set the
> ->style->base[GTK_STATE_NORMAL]  and the
> ->style->text[GTK_STATE_NORMAL]  for the standard FG and BG colors to be
> switched. So this worked. The next thing was to let the user configure the
> values of the colors. I created a list GdkColor *fgcolor[8] for the bg a
> similar one.
> The problem suddenly appears here. A "\e[0m" sets both FGcolor and BGcolor that
> are passed to gtk_text_insert to NULL, so the default value will be used. The
> wierdness comes with the BG colors. If I only have a BG color set, and the
> FGcolor is set to NULL I get there errors:
> ---
> Gdk-CRITICAL **: file gdkcolor.c: line 1115 (gdk_color_equal): assertion
> `colorb != NULL' failed.
> ---
> One for evry gtk_text_insert call. However, if I insert text with a FG color
> /before/ any text with a BG color, the BG colors won't display anymore.
> The arrors dissapear along with the BG color.
> Then if I use a BG color simultaniously with a FG color it works fine ...
> (all colors are properly allocated)
> I'm really in the dark now ...
> Anyone a idea ???
>   Gert ...
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