Re: [gtk-list] Re: To GTK, or not to GTK - that is the question

On 10 Nov 1998, Dave Cole wrote:

> >>>>> "Ulric" == Ulric Eriksson <> writes:
> Ulric> On 10 Nov 1998, Dave Cole wrote:
> Try making Motif widgets fit in with a theme enabled Gtk built on top
> of Xt.  You have no chance.  The source is not available for Motif.

Let's try something a bit easier. Forget about Motif. Concentrate on what
I was suggesting: write a widget set using Gtk, but replace the widget
framework with Xt. All of Glib stays. All of Gdk stays. The widget
hierarchy stays. Keep the expose code. Now put an application written for
this widget set next to one written for stock Gtk. Hey, let's make them
both theme enabled and run them under theme enabled KDE.

> Lesstif is there, but I suspect that the Lesstif people would resist
> attempts to make their project deviate from the Motif specs.  You
> would probably have to fork the development stream (oops we weren't
> going to do that).

Unless it's fun and useful, of course. But I have no intention to fork the
Lesstif project, I want to make an enhanced Gtk.

> Ulric> Second, Gtk/Xt would be able to use third-party widgets that
> Ulric> can't be used by Gtk.
> Such as...

Mine, to begin with. Or the ones that are part of any reasonably complex

> Anyway, using Xt does not give you any real advantage.  Each widget
> set on Xt is a rule unto itself.  Programming OLIT, Athena, and Motif
> could not be more different.

That is not my experience. Different widget sets don't necessarily mix and
match very well, but that is because of features outside of Xt. A widget
written with compatibility in mind gets along fine with different widget

> I suppose, you can always fool yourself
> into thinking that resource files are the most important aspect of a
> GUI environment.

Perhaps I can; I haven't tried and don't intend to. I do however intend to
do something else after my current project is finished.


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