Re: [gtk-list] best drop-down list box?

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Jeff Garzik wrote:

> How can I obtain the behavior of a gtk_combo widget, without the
> gtk_entry being editable at all?  Trying to achieve the standard
> Windows-style drop-down list.
> I thought about making the gtk_entry insensitive, but that would grey
> each list selection...

Why not just use a GTK_POPUP window (or GTK_DIALOG, depending on how
you're handling input focus) with no window handles and pack buttons or
whatever into it?

As for the entry, I think there's a function to make an entry
non-editable, in gtk_entry.c.

Scott M. Stone <,>
Head of TurboLinux Development/Systems Administrator
Pacific HiTech, Inc (USA) / Pacific HiTech, KK (Japan)

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