RE: [gtk-list] Re: GTK - aesthetics ???

Yes, and adding themes (gaudy or tasteful) won't help those little things.

Maybe we need a really good graphic designer to look at Gtk and give
suggestions.  Obviously, before one worries about adding zillions of gaudy
themes, getting the basic look "right" is more important.

Steve Molitor

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Manni Wood wrote:

> OK, I can't help it.
> Am I the only guy out here who LIKES the basic look of gtk+? I think its
> austere grey chiseled look is quite pleasing. It's sort of like
> newspapers that still have black and white photographs.

I like the basic look.  I just concur with several others that the details
could use a bit of tweaking.

For example, I am just learning GTK at this point, but one of the Hello,
apps in the tutorial (if you add the "quit" button), displays the text
slightly off-center.  Little things like this can make or break you in terms
of how professional your app looks.


David Orme

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