[gtk-list] Accelerator text in menuitem


I've been trying to find a way to get gtk+ 1.0.6 to show a non-alpha
accelerator in a menuitem.

I'm using the Del key as a shortcut to nuke items from a top-level
clist, so I'd like the corresponding menuitem to say:

Delete item    Del

In the same way that I have 

New item       Ctrl+N

I originally thought I may be able to realloc menuitem->accelerator_key,
but accelerator_key is just a gchar, not a gchar* as I'd originally

I also tried gtk_menu_item_new_with_label("Delete item    Del"),
but found that the resulting menuitems aligned like so:

New item          Ctrl+N
Delete item    Del
Edit item         Ctrl+E

The "Del" is not right justified as the "real" accelerators are.

Does anyone know how I can directly manipulate the accelerator text of a
menuitem under gtk+ 1.0.6?


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