Re: screen resolution?

"Didimo E. Grimaldo T." <> writes:

> > 
> > gdk_screen_width() and gdk_screen_height() return the dimensions.
> > 
>    A pity these are not part of the API, I get a link error when trying
>    to use it on my application :( [might come in handy]

Perhaps you mispelled them? They are definitely there, and have
been for a long time.
> > (GTK doesn't currently make any use of screen resolution. There
> >  is a confusing thing where dimensions for the rulers are specified
> >  in terms of 1/72 in. "pixels", but that has nothing to do with
> >  the size of pixels on the screen)
>    1/72th of an inch is a unit known as "points", same 'points' used
>    in the printing world, same goes for PostScript stuff.

Well, to pick nits, before PostScript came along, a point was
1/72.27 of an inch. To make things worse, a 24 point font in
X at 75 dpi is 24 pixels high, not 25 pixels high, so apparently
a "point" in X is 1/75th of an inch.

Fun. Fun.


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