Re: Accelerator Names (Ctrl-Q etc)

"Juergen A. Erhard" <> writes:

> This needs to fall under I18N, in case no-one noticed yet...  I don't
> know about other countries, but German DIN keyboards (actually I don't
> know whether this is DIN-mandated) have `Strg' on the control keys
> (and Einfg/Entf on INS/DEL, resp.)

Well, in theory GTK+ could use the Xkb extension to try and figure
exactly what keyboard you have. (Though it doesn't look it includes
the different names for German keyboards, just the layout

More realistically, that will probably come as part as a 
general internationalization of all GTK strings. (Presumably
through gettext, though the frequent problems on the GNOME
lists with gettext have contributed to a certain problem 
in this regard)

This may, of course, be confusing to people using non-localized
keyboards but localized messages, who will have to figure out that
Strg-Q on the menu corresponds to Ctrl-Q on their keyboard...


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