Re: Minor patch to glib.h in 1.0.2...

On Mon, 18 May 1998, Owen Taylor wrote:

> > The glib.h header shipped with 1.0.2 undefines NULL (and a bunch of
> > other constants), which generates a compiler warning on SGI compilers.
> > 
> > Quick patch with #undef replaced by #ifndef and #endif in glib.h is
> > attached...
> Hi Tim,
> According to the Changelog enty:
> Thu May 14 03:04:43 1998  Tim Janik  <>
>         * glib.h: provide G_GNUC_FUNCTION and G_GNUC_PRETTY_FUNCTION to
> 	avoid conditionals. unconditionally define NULL, TRUE, FALSE, MAX,
> 	MIN, ABS and CLAMP, these macros might be screwed from other headers.
> This shouldn't be necessary for NULL, since that is defined by ANSI C.
> For the others, how where they being screwed up? It seems that
> it might be politer to use the existing definitions if they would
> work OK.

yep, that was how it previously worked, i guess i'll have to make
sure to not use screwed include files then ;(
although it wasn't NULL that was screwed but some of the max/min/clamp

>                                         Owen


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