Re: [gtk-list] MDI?

I like what I've seen of an MDI in GNOME.  It currently has three modes
for viewing multiple documents.  One is in a notebook, the other gives
each document its own window and the third only displays one document at a

This would be a very nice functionality for GNOME to take care of so that
it's standard across applications and so that the application developer
doesn't have to program it himself.  But I think that GNOME is where this
functionality belongs.  GTK is about supplying tools for building windows
and displays and GUIs.  GNOME is about supplying tools for building
applications. I think that an MDI is a tool for building applications. 

By the way, someone mentioned using windows within windows.  There is
certainly such a concept in X.  However, you sound like you would like to
have windows with frames inside of other windows.  I've used applications
like this and have been very disappointed.  I chose the window manager I
use and am used to its controls.  I don't particularly like it when other
programs force me to use the window manager that they designed.  Perhaps
to have this as a fourth option as above would make sense, but forcing it
on users is really annoying. 

On Wed, 13 May 1998, Bil Wendling wrote:

> Hi,
> There's a list in the TODO list of gtk 1.0.1 and one item suggests doing a
> Multiple Document Interface model. It should be pointed out that many
> places, including Microsoft, have abandonded this practice...
> Oh happy days :)
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