Re: EventBox's focus writes:

> Hello, 

> How do I draw_focus on an eventbox?. for example, I have a
> label drawn onto a event_box, I like to have it PRELIGHT'ed when the
> pointer's moved over like what will happen if it's a button. Thank
> You.

(If we are being picky, "Focus" is actually the black square 
 that gets drawn around widgets when you Tab to them. This is
 just "prelight")

- Set up a "enter_event" handler and a "leave_event" hander,

-  call:
   gtk_widget_set_events (eventbox,
                          GTK_ENTER_NOTIFY_MASK | GTK_LEAVE_NOTIFY_MASK);

- In the "enter_event" handler, call 

 gtk_widget_set_state (GTK_STATE_PRELIGHT);

- in the "leave_event" handler, call

 gtk_widget_set_state (GTK_STATE_NORMAL);

I think that should do it. Regards,

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